Tuesday, January 5, 2010

since when i come back to my university i think i will be more fun with my great fwen...but its totally different..i've just exchange my class and like i expect this class tooo boring and i also can't get along with them...huhu..what can i do...aku nak dekan!!!!!i really2 hope the condition will be exchange and i can be more comfortable to study and get dekan for this semester..although i have my fren but it's still not enough for me...hope tomorrow will better than today and yesterday.....YA ALLAH!!!!berilah aku kekuatan menempuhi kehidupan ini huhu.....apepon yg penting shark tahun ny mesti DEKAN!!apa yg pnting?NAK DEKAN!!!!yah shark u can do it!!keep it up ur brain and also them what u can do it!!!AJA!!!!FIGHTING!!!

~hari ni abez da tgk cer couple or trouble jo anna @   na shang shill and jang chul soo....

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