Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 days more.....

tik tok tik tok!!

2 days more my clanz and i will go to shopping at lowyatt
hahaha...camon bebeh....never be there before
make me so wondering
and excited......

based from what i know this mall such a huge building
and people like to go there to buy electronic devices such as lappy..
and that the same reason why i want to go there so badly
because i want to buy the new lappy hahaha
but my budget so ciput!!!
hope i can get the best one!!!

so to help my journey that why i invite my clanz
to company me that day...
it to prevent myself dari kena tipu dan ketuk ngee...

so the the special guest is pjat....amal n paah( still cant get their confirmation) 
besides that iman n kak lilian maybe will join us
and we have plan to meet at lowyatt
hope its work!!! ^_^

k drop the subject...

now we move on what kind of lappy i will choose
*macam org kesah?!*
-watever hahaha

first at all we talk about brand....
based on what i get from uncle google
*sampai nanges2 aku kebek huhu*

the best choice brand
 *based dari pitih yg x seberapa ni*

calun-calunnya adalah....

*efek drum sket*

pertama aku decide nak beli

yah...congrats...u can be the best one after my investigation haha..
why i choose DELL???
because they said the services was very top
n tahan lasak...
its just based what i get
so after tambah. Tolak. Darab. Bahagi.
i still with my stand that dell is the best
*hope ko x hampakan aku*

and the 2nd jatoh kepada.....

actually this brand not very familiar in my ears
but after i godek saner sini
i found that this brand is not bad
i think
n certain from my friend also use this brand
n she say its ok..
namer dak tu ejah....
beriya dia promote kat aku soh beli..
besides its cheap the services also good
and we can get many gift from them
its what i know...

and the third jatoh tergolek kepada...

haha....hp also is the best brand......
but i think the features maybe a little bored hahaha
it just my opinion...

actually if i have more money of course i choose

yes!!apple brand!!!!
dah lar logo pon cun!!!
name of the brand also very top
macam ferrari kalu kategory car
tapi vaio pon best gak hahaha...

last but not least actually.... 
the very important part is not the brand 
but it come from the money itself
if u have the few money so u must compare which specs it more suitable

just like me....hihi...
my budget around 1.5k-1.7
*ciput k??*

so after i ask my clanz from facebok
they said the suitable specs i must have are

  • dual core
  • ram2g
  • hardisk320
  • multi-dvd
  • grafik 512(kalo nak main game)
  • CD-RAM (dont choose CD-ROM)
  • ATI Grafik
  • processsor intal/AMD
  • batery 6 cell is more better because can use more longer rather than 3-4 cell just can use 2-3 hours(basically 6cell is rare to find in cheap lappy)

i also try search which shop is more better
its to save my time to survey *hopefully*

and there have some choice

@ wiewnet
@pc zone

ha!!there the few thing i just want to share
but i hope can get the best one!!!
really hope that oppa!!

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