Thursday, November 24, 2011

scars without words

he said " sorry because disturb u...i promise never contact u again "

what the hall to him to said like that...i never do anything wrong
why he just not so gentleman....podacitt !!
i hate guy that type...never know wat happen and just making conclusion

i dont want our relationship become like this
at least i hope we can be fren

maybe they cant understand
my heart
my love
my sweetest side
my ageyo
just for my husband
mean...future husband
i dont want to show to other man except my hubby

is it wrong ?
maybe they can become bored with me
why ?
because i dont act romanticly ?
try me bro
u will know...
i just dont want to show rite know

i mean thats all for my husband 
if u not understand me
then u can leave
forever in my life !!

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