Sunday, November 18, 2012

I love to ....

Kenapa ya ? Sejak dua menjak ni hati aku rasa macam serba tak kena. Macam ada sesuatu yang...mmm...entahlah....

Rasa masih tak happy la duduk sini,
Dungun. Terengganu.
Aku sebenarnya tak tahu apa yang aku buat kat sini,
Perasaan rasa tak adil macam kuat giler lam hati ini,
Sampai sekarang ak rasa macam tak suka je duduk sini,
Serius ak rasa loss sangat duduk sini,

Rasa macam nak quit pun ada..huhu...
Aku tak tahu la wehh...
Korang pernah rasa tak bila tak pasti,

Duduk uni ni buat aku rasa macam tak nak kenal sesiapa,
Kalau boleh aku nak buat hal aku sendiri,
Tapi aku tak cukup bijak untuk berdiri sendri,
Wat ever i did, i still need help by those people,
Well live in diz current world,
Its juz hard for u to live by ur own,

Aku nakkkk sangat happy duduk sini,
Tapi aku still x buleh nak dapat feeling tu
Kenapa ea?

Setakat ni aku tak jumpa lagi orang betul2 faham aku,
Maksud aku my best fren. If boyfren awal2 da out..memang x jumpe la kan dengan appearance aku yang cam sakai ni haha...

U know what? I think wat im lost here is self confidence.
Im juz wanna to be that too impossible?

Duhhh!! Im feel so alone n hole here. Deep hole. U know wats is my prob?

Im not confidence
-With my look
-with my academic
-with my social skill
-with my money

Im soo dem !!
huhuhuuu....i think this disorder is worstest ever in human mankind.

I love to sing but i cant sing well
I love to write my story but i cant writing well
i love to dance but my movement is suck
i love to play badminton but dont have partner to play with
I love to take pic but dont have dslr
I love to working but nobody want to hire me
I love to shopping window but theres nothing here
I love to watch movie but ive a assigment to do
I love to read comic conan but its so hard find new chapter
i love to eat but the service here is suck n so expensive
I love to drawing but im always screw in that thing
i love to make a song but i dont have material
I love to play guitar but im still suck in it although i was learn it almost 4 years,

ANYBODY!!CAN U TELL ME WHAT IM TALENTED FOR?! Im juz person who always screw up everything. the spoiler. Useless. Im nothing.

I have a big dream but this world seem so cruel. I dont think can catch up those dream. Im the person that very lonely. Ive hope im not die lonely n sadness.

Happy day. Im still waiting for it.

Actually, ive talk very much maybe because my head was miserable.

There are many thing inside my head. My dying grandmother. Convo day. Academic visit. Presentation bel. Money problem. Honestly, idk why im thinking about all that. Huhu... i want to be free !! Free from those idea n ideology. Free from what ever they say. Im juz want to be freeeeee !!!!

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