Saturday, October 13, 2012

Split it

Well...i decide to change place here from tweeter bcoz i think my frens which is my follower will throw up if i update tweet every second ha6...

Well...tonight seems very very long night. Im still here. Waiting at that side....which is im strunggle now with my life. Maybe, who ever been read this entry will feel im such a pathetic person, but i told you... im not !

Well, there a time u feel abondon n non welcome. Have you ever think, why such a horrible things like dat happen ?

Yes !!! I think i know. My heart is too empty. Really empty. Maybe i dont have anybody..but im still have Him. Allah never forget me even i do. Allahuakhbar !! Please forgive all of my sins n make me the happiest person in this world n hereafter. Aminn.

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